Industrial aluminum profile systems.

Machinery and production line modifications.

Customized turn-key solutions for factory automation.

Control systems design, assembly and programming.


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The profile system has proven itself in many sectors of industry through reliability and flexibility.

Aluminum profile systems are suitable for making:
Machine frames and guards
Test and inspection equipments
Highly automated production systems
Linear drives
Technical furniture

Aluminum profile system advantages:
Less planning effort
Flexible conversion and expansion
Reusable components
Shorter assembly time

We provide:
cut-to-size aluminum profiles and accessories
assembled equipment and turn-key solutions – task mapping, machine design, assembly, control systems and commissioning


Industrial aluminum profile or aluminum extrusion or aluminum stuctural framing is also known as the aluminum profile system. This is mainly due to the aluminum profile alone not being flexible enough for bulding various machinery and equipment.
The maximum efficiency of using aluminum profiles is granted by the wide choice of smart accessories. Combining the aluminum profiles with these accessories enables you to create versatile solutions that can be easily modified and further developed.
The engineers have done a great job in the design of aluminum profiles and accessories for multiple purposes. The assemblies made of aluminum profiles are easily adjustable thanks to the variousness of the system.

Aluminum profiles are widely used in manufacturing workstations and different frames – tables, trolleys, shelves, machine frames. The aluminum profile shelves can be combined with roller strips for creating KanBan systems.
In addition to the roller strips used on shelves, the aluminum profile is well suitable for making roller conveyors for lightweight products. The selection covers aluminum and plastic rollers that can be assembled using different types of roller carriers and a drive system can be added. The aluminum profile roller conveyors are custom tailored according to the customers specifications and the delivery period is short.
The use of aluminum profiles for building belt conveyors is highly efficient due to the very little time required for assembly. The types of aluminum profile required for creating the conveyor frame we have always in stock. In addition to the aluminum profiles all necessary attachments,angles, feet, standardized bearing housings for conveyor rollers are always available. Combined with plastic guides or brushes the aluminum profiles also provide the possibility to attach sidebars to conveyors that can be adjustable both in hight and width.
Quite wide is the selection of linear systems that can be built using aluminum profiles. The aluminum profile linear axes can vary in size and can be driven by pneumatics, asynchronous or servo motors. The drive can be combined with a toothed rack or belt or screw spindle. In high precision and/or torque applications the aluminum profiles can be combined with linear bearings. The installation of linear bearings on aluminum profiles is exceptionally easy thanks to the standardized profile grooves where a wide selection of attachments can be used. The alignment of the linear bearings is easy and no additional machining of the aluminum profiles is necessary. The aluminum profile linear systems have successfully been utilized in various applications including material prefeed systems, hoist applications, quality inspection systems, pick-and-place manipulators, adjustable machine parts etc.
Machinery and equipment often has to be surrounded by safety barriers to protect personnel from the moving parts of machinery and material. Building safety fences from aluminum profiles is easy and for closing the openings a steel net or sheets of glass, plastic, steel or other composite materials can be used. For bulding the safety fences there is a selection of sealings, floor attachments, hinges, locks and links available in addition to the aluminum profiles in stock. The aluminum profiles used for building safety fences can be either with traditional open grooves or with closed grooves to provide a cleaner look. For doors and gates safety locks and sensors can be mounted on the aluminum profiles and connected to the safety system of the machinery.

Feel free to contact us and see how Your production can benefit from the use of aluminum profiles. The ease of assembly of the aluminum profiles will reduce your expences and boost efficieny. Aestethic looks is free of charge.


Different safety solutions for your equipment and production lines to make them safer:

Aluminum profile safety barriers and fences - the first and simplest way to secure hazardous areas. Should the installation of mechanical barriers be restricted then You should consider one of the following electronic options.

Single beam safety sensor - enables securing limited areas, e.g. small holes or irregular shaped rooms, which are inappropriate for the safety curtain. A combination of sensors and controllers can also restrict large areas.

Safety light curtain - these safety devices use either multiple rays or light intensity sensors. Curtain rays can usually cover larger distances, while the light intensity sensor has the advantage of detecting smaller objects. The difference between the safety curtain and single beam safety sensor is that the curtain can monitor the hazardous area in any height.

Area sensor - a device similar to a normal motion detector but far more precise which uses a laser beam to scan the area. Area sensor enables detecting of small objects and covering of large areas. If necessary, you can configure the sensor to different warning and danger zones. Consequently, the safety system can be adjusted to provide a warning signal or switch off the machinery - partially or completely.


Additional units or modifications to existing equipment and production lines.

Turn-key solutions of equipment and production lines.

Subcontractor services for construction, assembly and installation

Assembly equipment, labeling solutions, conveyor systems, feeding systems, sorting systems, marking systems etc.


Programming of logic controllers (PLC) and operator panels (HMI). 
Installation and commissioning of frequency inverters and servo drives.
Design, manufacturing and installation of control cabinets and pneumatic systems. 

In control devices we use the well-known quality brands: Panasonic, Parker, Harting, Wago, Omron,  Siemens, Sick, Unitronics, Vipa, Festo, Sew-Eurodrive, CodeSys etc.

Touch-panels, frequency inverters, servo systems, temperature based process control, hydraulic control, pneumatic control etc.


Need more different labels on Your product? Need them in a specific location and at a specific angle? 

We provide turn-key labeling systems designed exlusively for Your production. Including mechanical and electrical design, assembly, commissioning and training. 

We have experience with labeling solutions in many industries ranging from single label applications up to mutliple labeling systems integrated into an automated production line.






Personal approach and trusting relations with our customers have enabled us to carry out efficient modifications of production lines and customized turn-key solutions, resulting in significantly increased productivity, improved product quality, reduced equipment maintenance and repair downtime.

Our customers are industrial companies from various fields:
Timber industry, manufacturing of medical products, pharmaceutical industry, candle industry, food and beverage industries, manufacturing of building materials, printing industry, electronics industry, plastic industry, glass industry, textile industry, packaging manufacturing (including metal), road marking, road construction etc.

Our technicians have carried out industrial equipment projects and installation work in many European countries and in Asia. Including Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Portugal, Spain, Malaysia and China.


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